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Cycle Tracker

We are offering a fully developed Cycle tracker with an endless calendar. 

Fertility Treatments

All treatments are covered by our app and controlled by the doctors via their clinic software. 


The cycle history offers statistics about past cycles and treatments. 

Clinic Information

Once connected, the clinics can inform you about everything related to their establishment. 

File Sharing

You can recieve documents securely and easily from your doctors digitally. 

Medical Historys

Medical history’s can be filled out and send directly into the clinic software. 



Consents and contracts can be signed via Hope.

Pregnancy Tracking

When a pregnancy test is marked positive, Hope turns into a pregnancy tracker. (Dec. '22) 



Get your invoices digitally and dispense with the unnecessary paper.

Chat & Calls

Stay in contact with your clinic in a secure and data protected way. (Dec. '22) 

Your data is safe with us, because we don't collect any.

We ensure the highest security standard available on the market! We do not store, process or use any personal data. Through our GDPR-compliant security system, your data will never fall into the wrong hands. Our system is so secure that we do not even require a DPA.

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