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Cycle Tracker

We are offering a fully developed Cycle tracker with an endless calendar. 

Fertility Treatments

All treatments are covered by our app and controlled by the doctors via their clinic software. 


The cycle history offers statistics about past cycles and treatments. 

Clinic Marketing

Once connected, the clinics get their very own page within the HOPE app. 

File Sharing

You can send documents securely and easily to your patients via MedITEX. 

Medical Histories

Medical histories can be filled out and send directly into the clinic software. 



Consent forms and contracts can be signed via app.  

Pregnancy Tracking

When a pregnancy test is marked positive, Hope turns into a pregnancy tracker. (Dec. '22) 



Invoices can be sent to the patients as a Document.

Chat & Calls

We will implement calls & chat and connect them to our appointment system. (Dec. '22) 

Your Patients' Data is safe with Us

We ensure the highest security standard available on the market! We do not store, process or use any personal data. Through our GDPR-compliant security system, your patients' data will never fall into the wrong hands. Our system is so secure that we do not even require a DPA.

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How it works



Write an eMail to Alina Latus at
hi@hope-app. net or CRITEX at support@critex.de 



Make an appointment for a MedITEX update and the associated activation for the use of the Hope App. 



Afterwards, a short training session will be held so that you know how to send data to the app 

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Our dashboard offers you full flexibility! Coming soon

Manage your purchases, contact information in your patients' app, and more.

Own feedback forms
Chat and Calls
Appointment Scheduling

Our Pricing

Try the Hope App 30 days free of charge!

Every clinic with the latest MedITEX update is Hope-ready! All you need to do is activate the Hope features.Contact support@critex.de and get unlocked.

MedITEX our exclusive partner, won't charge for the setup!

Package 1

New Patients

€20 / Patient
€3.000,- per package
or €250,- monthly
Package 2

New Patients

€19,50 / Patient
€5.850,- per package
or €487,50 monthly
Package 3

New Patients

€19 / Patient
€11.400,- per package
or €950,- monthly

The price per package may be paid monthly or all at once. Any unused codes will expire after 12 months. The 12 months start from the date of purchase of the respective package.
Single QR-codes can be purchased for €25 at any time.

How the Hope pricing system works

You choose your preferred package of QR codes depending on the amount of new patients per year. We only count new patients. Every patient that gets connected to your clinic, stays connected forever without additional payment. That means every patient can do as many cycles as needed. Every package is valid for 12

months, once you buy another package, all remaining codes from a previous package are carried over. Again: Patients connected to your clinic, stay connected, even if your package expires.
Feel free to contact us if you would like to get an individual offer. We are happy to suit your clinic's needs.

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Here you see all the news around the Hope App and it's features

We are the winners of the Fertility Care Award 2022!

The European Fertility Society
October 12th 2022

We are pleased to announce, that our eSignature feature is now available with the newest version of MedITEX.

Availabe now!

Thank you for joining our Webinar. You can rewatch it here:

Webinar 10/2022
October 25th and 26th

Our founder Alina Latus talked about her fertility journey in "Myself"

Februar 2021

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