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Medical Historys

Digitale Anamnesen können mühelos mit nur wenigen Klicks in die Software Ihrer Klinik importiert werden.

Contracts & Consents

Contracts and consents can be sent, signed, and filed seamlessly through and within your clinic’s software.

Treatment Management

Automatically transmit and update treatment plans, including medication, protocols, and appointments.

Education & Preparation

Patients arrive at their first appointment well-informed and educated, saving you valuable time.

Treatment Results

Treatment results and medication
intakes can be shared instantly.


In the future, invoices can be sent to patients and paid directly through the app.

File Sharing

Documents, diagnoses, and doctor’s letters can be securely transmitted from your clinic’s software to the Hope App.


Patients receive psychological support throughout their fertility journey and can even book appointments with specialists via Hope.

Upcoming Features:

Video Calls, Chat, Clinic Ratings, and much more. 


Quick Updates with Just a Few Clicks

Revolutionize patient management with the Hope App! Eliminate time-consuming tasks like phone calls, printing, and handwriting updates on treatment plans.

With the Hope App, effortlessly update treatment plans in your clinic software and send them to your patients in just three clicks. Appointment scheduling is seamless, as the app syncs calendar adjustments, keeping patients informed about their visits.

Choose the Hope App for a seamless, efficient patient management solution.

70 % less phone calls
No unsecure eMail transactions
80 % less printing

Don’t make your
Patients wait

A review in Human Reproduction Update found that women undergoing fertility treatments experienced anxiety and depression levels similar to those with cancer, HIV, or heart disease. Another study in Fertility and Sterility revealed that 50% of women considered infertility as their most stressful experience.

A key factor is the mental load faced during treatment, including helplessness while awaiting results. The Hope system alleviates stress by promptly sending results directly from your MedITEX as soon as they're documented. This saves time, reduces frustration, and shortens phone calls by 70%, optimizing the process and minimizing stress for all involved.

90 % prozess optimazation
70% shorter call duration
Documents & Invoices

Swift & Easy Document

Patient privacy and data security are critical concerns for healthcare providers.

The Hope App offers a secure and efficient solution for sending various types of documents, including reports, doctor’s letters, ultrasound images, blood results, and more. By integrating with MedITEX, the Hope App ensures the highest security standards are maintained while providing a seamless digital experience.

In addition, invoices can be sent through the Hope system, and soon patients will be able to pay directly within the app.

90 % less postage costs
90% less printing
100% more security

Consents Are Just Two Clicks Away!

Eliminate the hassle of preparing and managing consents and contracts with MedITEX and Dropbox Sign. Import documents into patient files, request digital signatures, and have patients sign through the Hope App. Signed documents are automatically filed back into MedITEX for easy verification. This method ensures authenticity, saves time, and streamlines consent and contract management using a secure envelope system.

With this system, you can create and customise your documents, and then bundle multiple documents that need to be signed into one envelope. This cost-effective approach allows you to pay for just one envelope, regardless of the number of documents it contains.

Enhance your clinic's efficiency with our streamlined solution.

100 % less printing
100% less scanning
100% more security

Let‘s close the 
knowledgE Gap

The Hope App addresses the gap in women's understanding of their bodies, menstruation, fertility, and medical options. Many women lack proper fertility knowledge before seeking treatment and hold misconceptions about fertility-related issues.

By providing medically verified fertility information tailored to each user's cycle phase and life stage, the Hope App empowers women to make informed reproductive health decisions.

The app aims to demystify fertility, promote informed decision-making, and foster a supportive environment for understanding reproductive health.

Together, we can work towards a future where every woman has the knowledge and resources needed for her fertility and well-being.

50 % shorter initial consultations

Boost Patient 

Infertility treatment can be emotionally challenging, leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and helplessness. These challenges may result in premature treatment termination or poor therapy adherence.

Our psychological support program aims to alleviate mental strain and stress through psychoeducational content, including valuable information, systemic interventions, and relaxation exercises. Users can access structured modules and individual psychological counseling, activating existing resources and enhancing resilience.

Developed by certified therapists, the program mitigates the psychological impact of fertility treatments and supports affected individuals.

60 % fewer treatment discontinuations

How it works



Email Alina Latus at
hi@hope-app. net or contact CRITEX at support@critex.de 



Book an appointment for a MedITEX update and an activation for the use of the Hope App. 



Afterwards, we will give you a short training to help you understand how to use Hope within your MedITEX.

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Your patients' data is safe with us

We ensure the highest security standard available on the market! We do not store, process or use any personal data. Through our GDPR-compliant security system, your patients' data will never fall into the wrong hands. Our system is so secure that we do not even require a DPA.

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We are the winners of the Fertility Care Award 2022!

The European Fertility Society
October 12th, 2022

We are pleased to announce, that our eSignature feature is now available with the newest version of MedITEX.

Availabe now!

Thank you for joining our webinar. You can rewatch it here:

Webinar 10/2022
October 25th and 26th

Our founder Alina Latus spoke about her fertility journey in "Myself"

Februar 2021

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